[Lazarus] Lazarus for writing 3D Desktop Environment/Window manager for Linux?

R.Smith ryansmithhe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 16:38:03 CEST 2021

On 2021/06/24 14:52, Chavoux Luyt via lazarus wrote:
> Questions:
>  1. Is it possible to write a 3D desktop environment (with similar
>     functionality to KDE/Gnome) in Lazarus?
>  2. Is Lazarus a good tool for writing such a desktop environment?
>     Why/why not?
>  3. Are there better alternatives that can use OpenGL (or a game
>     engine using OpenGL) that can be used for writing such a Desktop
>     Environment (if Lazarus is not a good tool)?
>  4. I have installed (but never used) Castle Game Engine (using
>     aptitude... but I don't see it in Lazarus). Does anyone here have
>     experience using it? Could it be used as the basis of writing a 3D
>     "desktop environment"?
>  5. Is there anybody on the list that would be interested in helping
>     to write this as a new type of user OS GUI for Linux? Maybe as the
>     startĀ of a future GSoC project?
It's certainly possible.

I used to play with this long ago when they made a 3D desktop on WIndows 
98 still - was called 3DNA and the link below here is a recent review of it.

It looks simplistic by today's standards but it was much better than wat 
the 3D bob thing on the windows store tries to do (which I also tried 
and hated). You may get a good few ideas for how a 3D space could be 
less finicky and more useable.

Unfortunately my hands are a bit full to devote much time to it, but 
wouldn't mind chipping in some and most certainly would be a user/tester.

Good luck with it!

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