[Lazarus] Lazarus Release 2.0.12

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Wed Mar 3 09:42:53 CET 2021

El 2/3/21 a les 13:13, Luca Olivetti via lazarus ha escrit:
> El 2/3/21 a les 12:13, Luca Olivetti via lazarus ha escrit:
>> El 2/3/21 a les 11:27, Luca Olivetti via lazarus ha escrit:
>>> and the fact that TMemInifile doesn't have a create method that 
>>> allows to specify the encoding). >
>> This is worse than I initially thought:
>> the only way to specify an encoding is to use a stream and a TIniFile 
>> (with a TMemIniFile is impossible). The problem is, the TIniFile 
>> doesn't free the stream when it is destroyed.
>> I couldn't find a way to specify an encoding after the fact (there's a 
>> protected method SetEncoding but at that point it's too late since the 
>> values have already been loaded in memory).
>> The best I could come up to, to emulate a TMemInifile and specify the 
>> encoding, is to subclass TiniFile
> BTW, by looking at
> https://wiki.freepascal.org/Unicode_Support_in_Lazarus#RTL_with_default_codepage_UTF-8 
> none of this should be necessary, yet it is. A bug somewhere or the wiki 
> page is not correct?

It turns out that my lazarus under windows was configured to use FPC 
3.2.0 *BETA*, not the released version.
With 3.2.0 proper everything seems to be fine.
Sorry for the noise.

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