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> This is damned country.
Russia was damned then. Now the western world, meaning North America,
Australia and EU, follows the same steps. Dissidents and Christian people
are persecuted. There is segregation with special "passports". The
constitution is dumped and broken constantly by corrupt politicians.
Production and delivery channels are sabotaged, finally leading to food
shortage and chaos.
Australia already has concentration camps where the army is moving people
against their will, and there is genocide of their indigenous people.
Europe is following step by step. See what happens in Austria. Germany
has promised similar restrictions.
Russia now has better freedom of speech than my country Finland. An
example: A video platform TokenTube executes freedom of speech as our laws
define it. It was censored and shut down from the internet without an
explanation. It came back using servers in Russia or in China (not sure
which). See, people in Finland must now rely on Russia or China for their
freedom of speech.
Our new VKK party and its resistance has drawn attention also in Australia.
Something must be done!
The plandemic is used as an excuse. I hope everybody now understands it is
a scam.
A request for everybody: Do not take the jabs. If you took already, don't
take more. It would be unfortunate if the small Pascal community got
reduced by their effects.
In a year or so a new plandemic will come, most likely Marburg. Things will
get worse before they get better.

Sorry for being out of topic on a Pascal programming list. I am happy to
exchange more information in personal mails or by other means.

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