[Lazarus] TortoiseGit (was TMask revisited)

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> You can right-click on the revision entry (in the log) itself, and there
> you will be able to open unified diff viewer. Also 'raw' diffs are not
> very convenient to me, I prefer to inspect them in a separate viewer
> (TortoiseGit has an excellent built-in one, and on Linux I use Meld).

Ok, I found the unified diff for the whole commit. Still requires clicking.
Gitk shows it right away in a pane. Having the mouse cursor over it I can
scroll with the wheel. No clicks needed. Keyboard Up/Down changes the
selected commit.

Revision graph is located at the left of the log window. You mean it? It
> looks just like in any other tool?

It was in the main popup menu of the Explorer integration.

You didn't try to cherry-pick, TortoiseGit has the best interface for
> this in my experience.

Ok, can be.
I have done "git cherry-pick c28cc988ec" or similar on a console. No
problems so far.
I still feel uncomfortable with external branch management and
synchronization. I believe a GUI tool could help with that.
My main development platform is Linux where TortoiseGit is not available.
I may look at some other GUI tools later.
However I remember even the console commands suggested the right syntax for
me when I experimented with external branches. I just copied it and things

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