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> With only eMaskOpcodeOptionalChar enabled [a-z] would match 'a', '-' or
> 'z'?
> (This would be the old behaviour of TMask)

There is now a constant MaskOpCodesNoEscape which leaves out
eMaskOpcodeAnyCharOrNone and eMaskOpcodeEscapeChar.
It matches more or less with the old behavior and is used in the ...Legacy
constructors and functions.

The eMaskOpcodeOptionalChar enum name is not very self-explanatory,
> maybe we should come up with another name (better now than in half a
> year).


And maybe a constant that has all opcodes except the ones that enable
> ranges.

There is MaskOpCodesDisableRange which leaves out eMaskOpcodeAnyCharOrNone,
eMaskOpcodeRange and eMaskOpcodeOptionalChar.
It is used in unit ShellCtrls.

I forgot to answer this earlier :
> The corresponding Create in TMaskBase is not deprecated: is that by

The Create in TMaskBase is never called directly by a user. He will get a
deprecated message from elsewhere.

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