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> AFAICS the TMaskOpCode and TMaskOpcodesEnum types are not related at all.
> TMaskOpCode is some kind of internal identifier in the internal mask
> representation, whereas TMaskOpcodesEnum are options for interpreting
> the mask.
> Q1: is it possible to have the TMaskOpCode as an internal type in the
> class (maybe in the protected part of the class definition)?
> It seems it is not needed outside (as in the public part of the interface).
> If we did not already have the old TMaskOption type, I would actually
> have liked to propose to rename the TMaskOpcodesEnum into
> TMaskOption...

In 964d5f4d69 I changed most names as you suggested.
The original TMaskOpCode is now TMaskParsedCode because it is not related
to the other enums directly.
I did the changes before reading your last mail.
I remember many enums actually are class internals in José's original code
(in GitHub). I moved them outside to create the constants more easily.
Maybe they can be moved back to a class. You can experiment with it.
You can rename other stuff, too, if you like. I will not touch it for a
while now.

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