[Lazarus] Add entries to .gitignore

Maxim Ganetsky ganmax at narod.ru
Thu Oct 28 23:38:09 CEST 2021

28.10.2021 20:31, Don Siders via lazarus пишет:
> I wanted to add the following entries to the .gitignore file for the 
> Lazarus repo:
> /docs/html/*.log
> /docs/html/*.inc

Can there be any subdirectories in /docs/html?

> /docs/html/*.xml

Are you sure about XML ones? There are committed useful ones already.

> They're generated artifacts from building help.
> Can I add these? Or, should someone else do that?

Yes, you can. .gitignore already contains entries for /docs/chm directory.

Best regards,
  Maxim Ganetsky                  mailto:ganmax at narod.ru

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