[Lazarus] Add entries to .gitignore

Don Siders don.siders at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 00:19:52 CEST 2021

>> I wanted to add the following entries to the .gitignore file for the
>> Lazarus repo:
>> /docs/html/*.log
>> /docs/html/*.inc

> Can there be any subdirectories in /docs/html?

Yes, when you install HTML help locally.


But they are not needed in the repository, as they are entirely generated

>> /docs/html/*.xml

> Are you sure about XML ones? There are committed useful ones already.

The current script files regenerate the XML files entirely. They have
version number (commit SHA) and date information.So they will always be
different than the repo version.

They should be removed after the HTML help is archived. I  left
them laying around to check out the content. But in reality, they can be
deleted. Adding them to .gitignore was a precaution.

>> Can I add these? Or, should someone else do that?

> Yes, you can. .gitignore already contains entries for /docs/chm directory.

Thank you.

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