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a new world to discover.

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>> > An alternative is to use a tool such as objdump or dumpbin to
>> disassemble the executable file.
>> objdump seems to be a unix tool. AFAIK dumpbin will only work from Visual
>> Studio.
> You can get GNU binutils for Windows here:
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/files/MinGW/Base/binutils/binutils-2.28/
>> Is there a way to see the assembly on a 2nd monitor while an EXE is run?
>> Without having the EXE source code, I mean
> This sounds as if you want to debug the executable?  This is doable, but
> without source code you will have to step through the assembler
> instructions manually, or know where in the code to put breakpoints.  Use
> your favourite Windows debugger, if you don't have one try gdb (part of the
> full large Lazarus install I believe).  Even if this is what you want to
> do, I suggest you dump the disassembled code into a text file, open this
> and study it.  If the executable is stripped it may be very difficult to
> make sense of the assembler code.
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