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> > An alternative is to use a tool such as objdump or dumpbin to
> disassemble the executable file.
> objdump seems to be a unix tool. AFAIK dumpbin will only work from Visual
> Studio.

You can get GNU binutils for Windows here:

> Is there a way to see the assembly on a 2nd monitor while an EXE is run?
> Without having the EXE source code, I mean

This sounds as if you want to debug the executable?  This is doable, but
without source code you will have to step through the assembler
instructions manually, or know where in the code to put breakpoints.  Use
your favourite Windows debugger, if you don't have one try gdb (part of the
full large Lazarus install I believe).  Even if this is what you want to
do, I suggest you dump the disassembled code into a text file, open this
and study it.  If the executable is stripped it may be very difficult to
make sense of the assembler code.
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