[Lazarus] I was just banned from the Lazarus Forum for no reason!

Derek John Evans derek.john.evans at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 5 05:59:37 CEST 2022

My only feeling atm, is wtf. I just posted details on a project I've worked on for the last 6 months using Lazarus and pas2js on a farm environment, and then was banned!

Like really! In the past I've been an active contributor to helping people find solutions to their problems. And, yet, I post one message about a project I'm proud off, and I thanked the Lazarus/Freepascal team for their work, and I'm banned!

This is amazing selfishness on the part of the Lazarus team. I'm just shocked by the attitude of a forum moderator.

Wow. Ok. Anyway. I'm still thankful for the efforts of many talented coders whom made Lazarus a reality, but wow.

But, no words can express this insult.

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