[Lazarus] Message for Lazarus developers

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Wed Oct 12 19:47:39 CEST 2022

I haven't got the answer at hand.... Also not sure which wiki page you 
refer too?

Have you looked into the image folder in the lazarus installation?
There is a copyright file that has info on the licenses (and creators) 
of the images. So if you got the filename you can check if it is listed 
there. And who the author is, if the current license is not permissive 

If the file is there, but not in the copyright list, then the git 
history might reveal who authored it. And hopefully under what license 
the lazarus project has received it.

I, myself, am not a gfx artist, and I don't know much about what 
licenses are used for gfx, and/or what they permit.
But it would be my guess, that at first it needs to be established, what 
rights the team has (i.e. under which license it was give to us). And, 
if the same license is in place for others.

On 11/10/2022 21:58, Tony Stone via lazarus wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Tony Stone.  I am a long time user and fan of Lazarus. I am 
> writing here to try and get permission of sorts for using the Lazarus 
> logo as part of a online community a few IRC users have been setting 
> up.  Our community is not trying to appear to be directly affiliated 
> with Lazarus or FPC and we make it clear in our home page of our 
> Rocket.Chat server.  But I do really want to replace the Rocket.Chat 
> logo with something a little more friendly to our project and being as 
> our chat community is a modern alternative to IRC and mailing lists I 
> just want it to have a more modern appearance without third party 
> branding.  I would like to use the "Blue gear head" logo as part of 
> the chats logo... so basically what i asked a graphics designer to do 
> is put it inside a chat bubble thing with our Lazarus chat URL 
> wrapping around it. I see on the wiki page it says they are free to 
> use for promoting Lazarus and FPC, which is what our rocket.chat 
> community is doing.  The Wiki just is not very clear here on if 
> modification is frowned upon.  Again I am trying to make sure our site 
> doesn't look like it is trying to compete with any of Lazarus or FPC 
> officially preferred communication platforms.  Thanks for your time.

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