[Lazarus] db grid/dataset components that only load currently visible records?

Marco van de Voort fpc at pascalprogramming.org
Thu Feb 23 11:25:51 CET 2023

On 23-2-2023 11:02, Luca Olivetti via lazarus wrote:
> OTOH a TDBGrid is a very convenient way to display data.
> I my application I just use it to display (in read-only mode) an 
> sqlite table that holds less than 1000 records and it could be updated 
> quite frequently (hence the need for the frequent TDataset.refresh), 
> and it works fast enough with that limited amount of records.
> Now I need to expand the table to 10000 records and the performance is 
> unacceptable.
Maybe upgrade to a DBMS (like firebird, mssql,postgres) that supports 
notifications so that you don't have to poll, but get a notification if 
something changes?

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