[Lazarus] OFF-TOPIC: Naming of char [[[Re: Debugging the unicode RTL]]]

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sun Jan 22 13:47:40 CET 2023

On 22/01/2023 13:12, Marco van de Voort via lazarus wrote:
> On 22-1-2023 12:39, Martin Frb via lazarus wrote:
>> They should be called
>> AnsiCodepoint
>> UniCodeCodePoint
> No, since in the case of a surrogate it is not a codepoint either. It 
> is the unit of encoding granularity, nothing more.
Ouch, yes got me there. And in utf8 it is also not a codepoint. I should 
have use "CodeUnit".

> I have some doubts about such simple nomenclature really explaining 
> something as complex as unicode. It will never be intuitive and always 
> need study.
But I couldn't resist.

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