[Lazarus] Sciter for Lazarus: VCL Handle vs. LCL Handle

Marcos Douglas B. Santos md at delfire.net
Wed Jun 14 03:58:40 CEST 2023


I'm trying to run Sciter.TIS https://sciter.com/download/ on Lazarus, which
could be an open source project in the future — yes, not the newer version
(named Sciter.JS) as I don't need these new features.

I've started looking into https://github.com/da-baranov/SciDe (~8 years
ago). Then, I discovered a fork https://github.com/Mikanoshi/SciDe (~5
years old) and forked from it because it is "newer".

The da-baranov's original repository already tried to run on Lazarus, but
they have an issue which couldn't be solved:

I have the same issue, even using the newer version...
When it calls API.SciterWindowAttachEventHandler() here
the result is always SCDOM_INVALID_HWND.

Why am I asking this here? Well, the project claims that it works from
Delphi 7 to newer; they could compile on Lazarus; I also could compile
(creating a package, a component, etc) on Lazarus; but it do not work
because something looks like different about how a Handle works on VCL
comparing to LCL.

Please, do you have any ideas?

Best regards,
Marcos Douglas
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