[Lazarus] runcommand doesn't work?

john Ward john at mbstemps.com
Fri Mar 10 02:28:07 CET 2023

I have a program, segment included below, that partially works.  The first 'runcommand' example works, but the 2nd doesn't?
If I type the lp command line, it prints perfectly..
 if RunCommand('unix2dos', ['-n', '-f', '/mbs/mbs/file/cust.f','/mbs/mbs/file/cust.frm'],s) then
  if RunCommand('/bin/lp', ['-d', ' printer1','-o=raw' ,'/mbs/mbs/file/cust.frm'], s) then
  errormsg.text := 'We are done with runcommand now s= '+ s;                                
Fedora 37, Lazarus 2.2.4 FPC 3.2.2  X64 Linux gtk2

John A. Ward, President

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