[Lazarus] Building lazarus broken ?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sun Nov 19 17:07:01 CET 2023


I did some changes to the fpcunit support. All worked in the IDE.

In order to push my changes, I did a git pull.

The change broke the "make bigide" command, so I was told by the CI/CD.

Turns out the makefiles did not respect the lazarus dependencies in the
packages: the new dependency on the codetools package was not taken into
account by the makefiles. (how an uninitiated heathen like me is supposed to
know this is probably only known to the happy initiated... ;))

I managed to fix that, fix is pushed so 'make bigide' works again.

However, the git pull destroyed building the IDE in the IDE.
For some reason, the IDE (I'm on linux mint) thinks it needs to build a
cocoa version of the LCL.

This is the lcl.pas as generated by the build procedure:

   AllLCLIntfUnits, CocoaConfig, CocoaCursor, CocoaMenus, LazarusPackageIntf;

In the build settings, I did specify gtk2,linux,x86_64 as the platform

So why does the IDE insist on recreating a cocoa version of lcl.pas ?


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