[Qt] [Lazarus] Qt4pas under Haiku...

Liyuan García Caballero liyuan at cav.desoft.cu
Wed Aug 4 22:10:03 CEST 2010

This is the output:

~/Desktop/Qt/qt4pas-V2.1_Qt4.5.3> qmake
Project MESSAGE: Pascal Qt Interface for binding platform: BINUX
Project MESSAGE: Install location: /boot/common/lib
Project MESSAGE: QT_CONFIG: minimal-config small-config medium-config 
large-config full-config qt3support phonon accessibility reduce_exports 
ipv6 system-png png gif system-freetype system-zlib openssl xmlpatterns 
svg webkit scripttools debug
Project MESSAGE: QT: core gui network webkit
Project MESSAGE: CONFIG: lex yacc uic resources qt release incremental 
exceptions no_mocdepend stl qt_no_framework release dll warn_off
Project MESSAGE: The define haiku is NOT defined

On Wednesday 04 August 2010 16:20:50 Liyuan García Caballero wrote:
> /  Can you tell me how I can compile on Haiku Qt4pas?. In meeting
/>/ http://users.telenet.be/Jan.Van.hijfte/qtforfpc/fpcqt4.html downloads
/>/ Qt4pas the sources for Linux, Windows and Mac, which I use for Haiku?
> Den Jean wrote:

I looked at the Haiku webpage and they have Qt 4.7 and Qt 4.5

I never tried Haiku, but my guess is that ...

for Haiku Qt 4.7, just try the linux maemo sources (V2.2), and follow 
the linux instructions, it should just work.

for Haiku Qt 4.5, try the V2.1 linux sources and fix qt4.pas by adding 
the line
Qt4PasLib = 'libQt4Pas.so.5';

before the first keyword *type*

I am interested in the qmake output after modifying Qt4Pas.pro as 
before the line "INSTALLS += target"
add the following lines:

message("QT_CONFIG:" $$QT_CONFIG)
message("QT:" $$QT)
message("CONFIG:" $$CONFIG)

if haiku {
 message("The define haiku is defined")
} else {
 message("The define haiku is NOT defined")

and provide me the output
on this mailing list http://lists.lazarus.freepascal.org/pipermail/qt/

kind regards,

Den Jean

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