[Qt] [Lazarus] Qt4pas under Haiku...

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Wed Aug 4 22:38:34 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 04 August 2010 22:10:03 Liyuan GarcĂ­a Caballero wrote:
> Project MESSAGE: Pascal Qt Interface for binding platform: BINUX
> Project MESSAGE: Install location: /boot/common/lib
> Project MESSAGE: QT_CONFIG: minimal-config small-config medium-config 
> large-config full-config qt3support phonon accessibility reduce_exports 
> ipv6 system-png png gif system-freetype system-zlib openssl xmlpatterns 
> svg webkit scripttools debug
> Project MESSAGE: QT: core gui network webkit
> Project MESSAGE: CONFIG: lex yacc uic resources qt release incremental 
> exceptions no_mocdepend stl qt_no_framework release dll warn_off
> Project MESSAGE: The define haiku is NOT defined

I see that BINUX gets defined, but this should only be defined
when X11 is the Qt engine. I do not think that Haiku is X11 based
so edit Qt4Pas.pro and before the line
"message("Pascal Qt Interface for binding platform:" $$PLATFORM)"

add a line

so that when you do  
you get 
Project MESSAGE: Pascal Qt Interface for binding platform: HAIKU

and then just make, make install ... 

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