[Qt] Website

Christian Sciberras uuf6429 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 13:43:40 CET 2010

I'd like to contribute to this project by enhancing the current
website (or redesign actually).

Is the team interested in such a thing? I'm willing to offer a
considerable ammount of resources to host the site on my server
([anything].covac-software.com eg: fpcqt4.covac-software.com ) for

Of course, the content will be decided by the developers etc. This is
for free with a guaranteed life time for as long as I'm alive (I'm
only 18 ;) so that's some time).

Here's a complete list of what I'm offering:
-mysql/bandwidth/harddisk space (at least 100mb of HD)
-server scripting languages (preferably PHP, but there's CGI, ASP, Python...)
-website redesign, both visually, structurally and in the backend
(with an easy to use CMS)
-adding of more features in the future (eg, forum, plugins...)
-aiming at decreasing the need to do web stuff yourself, so you could
focus on the core project and rely on someone else to keep stuff in
-system support (someone you can rely on)
-a sub domain (with any prefered name) on covac-software.com  *

* Domains are costly to maintain for several projects (I'm hosting
other similar projects) so unless I'm paid for a domain name, I can't
offer one for free.
That said, anyone can buy a domain and make it redirect to the website
(cloaking) which I'm ok with.

The current website should be made to redirect to the new one (while
the content is archived in a zip or something).

That's all for free.

Christian Sciberras.

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