[Qt] Release V2.4

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Fri Jul 8 08:04:17 CEST 2011

On Thursday 07 of July 2011 19:25:20 Den Jean wrote:
> Hi,
> Release V2.4 of the Free Pascal Qt4 Binding is available here:
>   http://users.telenet.be/Jan.Van.hijfte/qtforfpc/fpcqt4.html
> Changes: More fixes for crash of Lazarus compiled with Range Checking On.
> As V2.3 is almost the same and not yet in Lazarus svn,
> I removed V2.3. So Zeljko just skip V2.3 and use V2.4.

uhhh .... didn't know that 2.4 will be so fast ... please see reminder for 
you: http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=19640

1.QStandardItemH  setData() and getData(): QtItemDataRole param should be 
changed to integer (like with QListWidgetItemH and QTreeWidgetItemH). (only 
qt45.pas change is needed, I've already tested that and it works fine).
2.Would be nice if there's any chance to get 
QStandardItemModel::selectionChanged() signal into bindings.... in that case 
QtItemSelection class is needed , but I guess it can be PtrIntArray (it's 
anyway an array of QStandardItemH).

Why so ? I've already written class which will be handle for TCustomListView 
in near future, but with more options and ability for more customizations 
especially in selections handling which is pretty messy with qt (I already 
mentioned that on their mailing list and there's no chance that it'll be 
changed during 4.XX series).

So, please inform me if you plan to add those 2 changes, in that case I'll 
wait 2.5 release before commiting changes to lcl.

P.S: What's exact change in this release ? Where range checks raised ?


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