[Qt] Release V2.4

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Fri Jul 8 20:24:05 CEST 2011

On Friday 08 July 2011 08:04:17 zeljko wrote:
> uhhh .... didn't know that 2.4 will be so fast ... please see reminder for
> you: http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=19640
Sorry, I do follow these. Please ask on this mailing list.
> 1.QStandardItemH  setData() and getData(): QtItemDataRole param should be
> changed to integer (like with QListWidgetItemH and QTreeWidgetItemH).
> (only qt45.pas change is needed, I've already tested that and it works
> fine). 
Parameters of type int that have a default value of type QtItemDataRole
were converted to type QtItemDataRole to ease the use of that enum
type as a parameter value. I did this way back in 2006 :-). 
Ok I removed this feature. 

> 2.Would be nice if there's any chance to get
> QStandardItemModel::selectionChanged() signal into bindings.... in that
QStandardItemModel::selectionChanged() does not exist.
That class has a signal ItemChanged.
However QItemSelectionModel has such a signal.

> case QtItemSelection class is needed , but I guess it can be PtrIntArray
> (it's anyway an array of QStandardItemH).
> Why so ? I've already written class which will be handle for
> TCustomListView in near future, but with more options and ability for more
> customizations especially in selections handling which is pretty messy
> with qt (I already mentioned that on their mailing list and there's no
> chance that it'll be changed during 4.XX series).
> So, please inform me if you plan to add those 2 changes, in that case I'll
> wait 2.5 release before commiting changes to lcl.
The class QItemSelection is avoided by the binding
because it is a template descendant (QList<QItemSelectionRange>)
It will take some time to see if it can be supported, probably 
by writing a QLCL.... As the list elements are not pointers,
the PtrIntArray does not work well.(pascal cannot copy c++ classes,
only pointers)

> P.S: What's exact change in this release ? Where range checks raised ?

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