[Qt] Release V2.3

Den Jean Den.Jean at telenet.be
Thu Jun 16 20:33:33 CEST 2011


Release V2.3 of the Free Pascal Qt4 Binding is available here:

Changes V2.3  
 * Added QSessionManager.
 * Added platform dependant signals (like saveStateRequest from QApplication)
 * Added support for Haiku in qmake project file.
 * Qt 4.5 to Qt 4.7 support
  * based on classes/methods available in Qt 4.5 
  * but also compiles with Qt 4.7 and adds -mstackrealign when appropriate.
  * removed QMenu::macMenu: Not present Qt 4.7 binaries, but present in Qt 4.5
 * Fix for crash of Lazarus compiled with Range Checking On 
   (Lazarus Bug #16448).
 * Windows Note: Qt 4.5 and Qt 4.7 use different MinGW versions
   -> Different c++ compiler and dll dependancies.
   -> You cannot use the binding binary compiled for one with the other.
   -> Qt 4.7 binaries from Nokia, require a binding binary compiled 
      with -mstackrealign, note that the Qt 4.5 MinGW compiler does not know 
      nor accepts this compiler option.
 * Linux Note: In general, due to binary compatibility differences between the
   different c++ compilers of the different Linux distributions, you should
   not use the provided binaries but compile yourself the binding on your
   distribution. The binaries are just provided for convenience but may not
   work on your specific distribution.
 * Mac OsX Note: The provided binary was created with XCode 3 on Mac OsX 10.5

kind regards,

Den Jean

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