[Qt] Modular Qt4Pas

Krzysztof dibo20 at wp.pl
Mon Feb 18 09:50:32 CET 2013


Simple "hello world" application created in QT Creator has only basic QT
dependencies (libqtgui, libqtcore and libqtwidgets). But Qt4Pas has static
linked api for all QT modules, so creating "hello world" in free pascal
need also libqtnetworking, libwebkit (33 MB!) and even libsqlite and more.
Are plans for split Qt4Pas to separated modules?

BTW: Are plans to extend Qt4Pas for QML support? Reason is not only Ubuntu
OS for mobile which come in autumn but I also looked at QML demos in QT
Creator and I'm just amazed what it can do. Unlimited possibilities, 2D,
3D, physics. Just look at those demos:
It's like flash power to 10. QML UI is defined in own separated file like
android UI in xml files handled by java via signals so maybe Qt4Pas can
handle it?
Free Pascal + QML on desktops could be a great response for Delphi

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