[Qt] Modular Qt4Pas

den.jean at telenet.be den.jean at telenet.be
Mon Feb 18 11:39:54 CET 2013

> Are plans for split Qt4Pas to separated modules?
It is on my todo list, I just didn't quit manage to find time yet for it. 
> BTW: Are plans to extend Qt4Pas for QML support? 
This was not on my todo list, I have no idea yet what
would be possible in combination with the existing LCL infrastructure, 
and what would be useful.

If you are so interested, you might look yourself into what could
be done or, which classes need to be added, how to interface with
LCL Form design ? Or do you not want to use LCL form design anymore ?

If it is just a matter of some classes that need to be added, I 
will look into that.

Kind regards,


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