[Qt] QOpenGLWidget override initializeGL and paintGL

MariuszB max at olo.com.pl
Fri May 26 13:07:32 CEST 2017

> It's not big problem to add QOpenGLxx to bindings but that's something 
> I don't like. Qt5Pas should contain only base gui and widgets, maybe 
> create separate Qt5PasOpenGL and qt5opengl.pas.
> I've already added QSurface, QSurfaceType and QWindow classes which 
> can be used for openGl
> zeljko
I think about my needs, and I see that I do not need all QOpenGLx.
Can you tell me how to create OpenGL context for windows or panel in Qt5 
bindings ?
I'll ask some more crumbs ;)

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