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Samuel Liddicott sam at campbellsci.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 10:41:42 EDT 1999

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> How will this be able to support themes?
> How will this be able to support DnD?
> How will this be able to support Corba?

It jolly well won't unless the developer adds that.

> If you think that you can make it do all of this well then great. We had
> this dicussion back in the beginning of the summer where we mulled over
> the possibility of writing directly to the XLIB or GDK. We all decided
> that it wasn't the way to go. Now all of a sudden everyone is talking
> about doing that again.

No.  we are staying stick with GDK, but lets not require C++ in order to
write new components.

> If you go that way I feel that it will be
> extremely difficult to keep the indendence we have started with the
> InterfaceObject stuff.

No, I can manage this.

> The only way to do it will most likely be to tie
> GTK or whatever API directly to the LCL.

Nope, we can abstract it, I have it worked out.

> A large part of the recent
> discussion was based on using EXISTING Delphi code. This existing code
> is based on the premise that you can override things like the paint and
> draw for the parent component and draw it how you want. But API's like
> GTK don't work that way and that is what I am trying to point out.

If its a Delphi clone then this needs to be worked out the YES way, not the
NO way.

> Code written brand new using Lazarus and the LCL can extend the base LCL
> features by linking directly to the GTK and GDK themselves if they so
> desire. But there will be alot of existing that Delphi code that will
> only be usuable AFTER it has been modified to meet the feature set of
> the LCL.

I really don't like this at all.

The differences can be encapsulated in the GTK interface, with possibly a
few additions to GTK itself.


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