[lazarus] Q: Current progress

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sun Sep 12 10:28:57 EDT 1999

Stefan Hille wrote:
> I've noticed that the cvs is updated rarely these days. Does this mean
> we're all too busy with other stuff or has the last discussion stopped
> development?

I think it is that some of the core developers have someother things on
their plates at the moment. I know Shane will be tied up with the new
baby. Jeff already mentioned that he has someother work taking his time
at the moment. I'm not sure of Cliff's status. I was busy with some
other stuff which I am just getting a handle on so I am just getting
back into it myself.

>   1. Is anybody working on the new approach with an eventbox?
>   2. Should further development be delayed until 1 is ready for use?

No. Even if the new eventbox stuff is implemented it will be in the
gtkint files and will not be a part of the basic LCL class structure. In
other words it isn't something that effects the component class
development since it is API specific stuff.

>   3. What's the status of TBitMap?
>   4. What about TToolBar?

The maintainers of those will have to comment.

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