[lazarus] Compiling Lazarus

Jukel jukel at intekom.co.za
Sat Apr 29 04:41:41 EDT 2000


I have not yet managed to compile Lazarus. I downloaded the Visual Compiler
at http://www.codepunk.com/files/lazbuild.zip. I got quite far, but I got an
error "identifier CF_TEXT not found". After performing a search, the text
CF_TEXT appears in the mw_edit units, but I don't know if it is declared

What should I do next?  I have downloaded all the packages at
www.freepascal.org and the Lazarus source. I don't have CVS. Do I need it?
If so, where can I get the Win32 version (I did look at their website, but I
could only find Linux and Mac versions).




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