[lazarus] New to Lazarus...

Chespi enterprise_e at email.com
Thu Jun 22 17:45:04 EDT 2000

Hi everybody! I haven't given up yet. You'll have to endure me for a
long time I'm afraid... I'm still trying to understand how everything
works. What I guess so far (PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong) is that
the best thing to do first is create an empty directory (for example
C:\pp\cvs), and there run:

   C:\pp\cvs> cvs -z3 checkout dir1 dir2 dir3 ...

Then, when I want to update, I run

   C:\pp\cvs> cvs -z3 -dP update dir1 dir2 dir3 ...

This way in C:\pp\cvs I have the latest stuff, right? Now, what do I
do with it? I copy everything to C:\pp\source (where the installation
program placed the sorces that came with the release version) and then
I remake everything, correct?

I guess first thing is to rebuild the compiler...

   C:\pp\source\compiler> make clean
   C:\pp\source\compiler> make cycle

Then I copy the new compliler to C:\pp\bin\win32 and I use it to
compile the rest, right?

   C:\pp\source\compiler> cd ..\rtl
   C:\pp\source\rtl> make clean
   C:\pp\source\rtl> make
   C:\pp\source\rtl> cd ..\fcl
   C:\pp\source\fcl> make clean
   C:\pp\source\fcl> make
   C:\pp\source\fcl> cd ..\packages\gtk
   C:\pp\source\packages\gtk> make clean
   C:\pp\source\packages\gtk> make
   C:\pp\source\packages\gtk>  cd ..\..\lazarus
   C:\pp\source\lazarus> make clean
   C:\pp\source\lazarus> make

Am I ok so far? Am I missing directories to remake or something?

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