[lazarus] Compiling

Kevin Berry kevinbe71 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 26 03:34:29 EST 2000

I've now re-installed Linux and I'm attempting to
compile the source again.

The compiler build goes fine - I'm able to make cycle,
produce new ppc386 etc.

Compiling anything with ppc386 (including a simple
hello.pp file I created) results in the error that it
can't find systemh.inc.

I then use -Fi/opt/fpc/rtl/inc to force it to include
the only directory where systemh.inc is found

It then gives many errors about Identifier not found
VALSINT, Illegal expression, Identifier not found
VALUINT etc.  and then eventually can't open
setjumph.inc.  What is wrong with my setup?

Another question... aren't you able to compile the
components using just "make".  I tried in the
lazarus/components/mweditbeta folder but it also
complains about systemh.inc being missing and I'm not
sure how to specify the include file path when using


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