[lazarus] TSpeedbutton's

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Tue May 9 20:17:20 EDT 2000

At 16:45 09-05-2000 +0200, Marc Weustink wrote:
>+ From: Shane Miller [mailto:SMiller1 at stvgb.org]
>+ Argh,
>[--8<-- SNIP --8<-- SNIP --8<-- SNIP --8<--]
>+ I continue to get MOUSEMOVE meassages until I leave the
>+ button.  After I leave, I no longer get the messages so I no
>+ longer can set it UP again.
>If I recall it correctly you've set the MouseCapture on the button down.
>This way you always get mouseevents regardingless where you are.

This is not correct, it only counts for MouseUp and Down

>+ I'm confused and tired of looking at this.  Can someone else
>+ please take a look and see what I'm doing wrong.
>Don't know if Capturing already is implemented, if not I'll look at it.

Wasn't OK. It uses gtk_grab, this one also grabs the keyboard. The windows 
capture only captures the mouse. I changed it to gdk_grab.

>+ Do I need to send a WMCANCELMODE message to set the button up?

After some investigations where the CM_MouseEnter and CM_MouseLeave are 
generated, they appeared in the Application.Idle loop.
I started implementing this through gtk_idle_add and a OnIdle event 
property of the InterfaceBase, but didn't finish


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