[lazarus] New Bugs

Jens Arm Jens.Arm at gmx.de
Fri Apr 5 11:20:24 EST 2002


Some new Bugs:


1. Project Options / Forms: If you send a autocreate forms to the available
   Forms. The code gets updated correctly, but if you switch the form back to
   auto, the source isn't updated.  


2. Can not start LAZARUS (Floating-Point (Invalid Operation)):
   If I start Lazarus I can see the splash, then only the window-frame
   of the Sourceeditor, but nothing more :(

   I have looked a bit into the code and I have found the position of
   the error. It is in the function GTKVScrollCB in gtkcallback.inc.
   Perhaps the same can occur in the second scrollbar function!?!
   The Floatingpoint-Exception is generated by a line around 1300. Which is
   PageI := Round(Page_Increment). I have looked, what is in Page_Increment
   and it is a very big number (4.294967296E+09), which looks like
   causing the problem. If I change the round to trunc it works. I don't know, 
   if then the result is the wanted? I have such a problem with floating point
   in another program, too. Could it be that there are some bugs in the FPC-Floating
   Point code??
   This is the output while starting:

[laser at laser lazarus]$ ./lazarus 
Note: miscellaneous options file not found - using defaults
Note: converting old miscellaneous options ...
Note: codetools config file not found - using defaults
Note: loading old codetools options file: /home/laser/.lazarus/codetoolsoptions.xml
Form Stream Signature=TPF0
Form Stream Signature=TPF0
TMainIDE.DoNewProject A
TMainIDE.DoNewEditorUnit A NewFilename=
TPascalParserTool.BuildTree B OnlyInterfaceNeeded=TRUE  unit1.pas
TPascalParserTool.BuildTree B OnlyInterfaceNeeded=FALSE  project1.lpr
[TCustomFormEditor.CreateComponent] Class='TFORM'
[TJITForms] AddNewJITForm
NewFormName is Form1, NewClassName is TForm1
[TJITForms.RenameClass] OldName='TJITForm' NewName='TForm1' 
[TJITForms.RenameClass] OldName='TForm1' NewName='TForm1' 
TPascalParserTool.BuildTree B OnlyInterfaceNeeded=FALSE  project1.lpr
(gtkwinapiwindow.pp) GTKAPIWidget_new, ToDo: check parameters, gtk-Critical
(gtkwinapiwindow.pp) GTKAPIWidget_Init B  check this:

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkrange.c: line 251 (gtk_range_get_adjustment): assertion `range != NULL' failed.

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkrange.c: line 251 (gtk_range_get_adjustment): assertion `range != NULL' failed.

Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkrange.c: line 251 (gtk_range_get_adjustment): assertion `range != NULL' failed.
GTKAPIWidget_new END
STOPPOK: [TGtkObject.SetText] Possible superfluous use of SetText, use SetLabel instead!
[TMainIDE.Destroy] A
[TMainIDE.Destroy] B  -> inherited Destroy...
[TMainIDE.Destroy] END
An unhandled exception occurred at 0x081D77AD :
Invalid floating point operation
  0x402EC334  main,  line 257 of graphics.pp

forms.pp - finalization section
[TgtkObject.Destroy] WARNING: There are 2 unreleased DCs, a detailed dump follows:
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   DCs:   082DABF4 082DAA44
[TgtkObject.Destroy] WARNING: There are 15 unreleased GDIObjects, a detailed dump follows:
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   GDIOs: 082DAD24 082DACB4 082DAC44 082DAB84 082DAB34 082DAAE4 082DAA94
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   gdiBitmap: 1
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   gdiBrush: 10
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   gdiFont: 2
[TgtkObject.Destroy]   gdiPen: 2


3. The 'close all' menu item should close the open Project, too. Like in Kylix/Delphi.


4. In the 'remove from project'-Dialog nothing in shown.



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