[lazarus] Some Bugs found

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sun Feb 17 10:51:40 EST 2002

At 16:24 17/02/2002 +0100, Jens Arm wrote:
>First some FPC related questions:
>1. Do dynamic arrays exist in FPC (1.0.5 or later) [var tmp:array of real;] ?

AFAIK it is a PFC v1.1 feature.

>2. Why does this result in a compiler error and how can I do such things?:
>  kname:array[1..2] of packed array[1..8] of char := ('12345678','87654321');

Change var to const and := to =

   kname:array[1..2] of packed array[1..8] of char = ('12345678','87654321');

>I get: Fatal: Syntax error, ; expected but := found
>Now the Lazarus bugs:

Only replying on those I know.

>1. Sometimes the IDE stopping responding to any inputs (mouse&keyboard). I 
>don't know the reason for this.

Have you been dragging the a scrollbar before that ? It might still have 
focus and grabbing all input. Just ckicking on it once solves it.

>2. In the Compiler-Options in the Code generation Tab under Generate 
>(Speed/Size) the resulting Parameters in the generated compiler
>    Parameter String are exchanged
>3. If I click on the Tabs of the component palette the Save/Open/New 
>Form/...-Buttons are clicked, too.
>    It dosen't matter wether hints are enabled or not. This bug is very 
> disturbing :(

It is a known bug. Somehow click events are also sent to the parent window, 
with the same relative coordinates as within the tabs. This way it seems 
the buttons atre pressed as well.

>4. The view units Dialog don't open the marked unit and you can mark more 
>then one unit.
>5. In view forms you can mark more than one, too, but the form is shown.
>6. Should the mouse cursor if it is in the editor not change to an 
>edit-cursor ?

Future option.

>7. In the Editor-Options under margin and gutter there is a checkbox only 
>half visible
>8. A function in the menu for closing the whole open project is missing
>9. You can't move controls in the form editor and the selecting rectangle 
>don't work

Moving controls workshere, only resizing doesn't

>10. How is it with Icons and Hot-Key-Shortcuts in the Menus ?
>11. If you run a project and try to save the project with Project/save 
>Project after, this don't work (nothing is saved)
>12. Put a TNoteBook on the Formeditor, then click on the +-Icon in the 
>Propertyeditor under PageList and you get a SegFault
>13. The Bold-Font setting in the editor-options for the comment is set to 
>on every time. It doesn't matter, what you have choosen.
>     (The checkbox is off, but the comment is written bold)


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