[lazarus] Suggestions for the editor.

Javier javuchi77 at yahoo.es
Mon Sep 2 10:05:23 EDT 2002

Here are some suggestions for Lazarus. I think all of them help to
increase programmer productivity. At least in my case it does.

1.- Automatic code completion. You know: you type the name of an object
and a visual list is shown while you type members and parameters, in the
same style of Delphi.

2.- A fast help system: just by pressing F1 when the cursor is over a
word or identifier, and you obtain help about it. Elsewhere, Lazarus
needs first a help system...

3.- A class/object/variable/function browser.

4.- More and better application wizards.

In my opinion, these are issues that are not prioritary, but they will
definitively help more people to choose Lazarus... so I think they
should be included in the official 1.0 release, or people will think
that Lazarus is just a toy compared with, for example, Delphi.


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