[lazarus] Client area under win32

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Sun Sep 15 18:34:35 EDT 2002

Some time ago there was a discussion about the client area in the win32 
interface [I lost the thread].
If  i'm not wrong, the problem is that is smaller than the gtk interface 
where the clientarea = windowarea,
so i tried  to work on it.
The results are attached.
With these modifications the TForm.Width property sets the ClientWidth 
and not the WindowWidth.
Note that it is not the Delphi behavior!

The way i done it's not the best (and it's not complete: it would check 
the presence of menu and  the style).
I think better approach is to implement the  
InterfaceObject.AdjustWindowRect function
for calculate the proper window size _before_ send the LM_SETSIZE message.
And later  implement the ClientHeight,ClientWidth as in Delphi.

By the way, is there anyone currently working with the win32 interface?
There was a try to make a group some threads ago.
I'd like to contact. Maybe i can help.

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