[lazarus] Exeception on loading Lazarus

Javier javuchi77 at yahoo.es
Thu Sep 26 16:25:01 EDT 2002

El jue, 26-09-2002 a las 07:37, vslist at zonnet.nl escribió:

> Can you or Javier please describe exactly how to reproduce this error. Maybe
> than I found out whatis going wrong.

It seems to be all right now. The problem should have been produced by
an incorrect reading of old xml's on my .lazarus directory.
I solved the problem just by removing ~/.lazarus.

It would be nice to advertise in the FAQ about this issue. Remember,
only happens when trying to execute a new Lazarus build using old
configuration (but not too much old elsewhere, it fails just after your

If you want to reproduce this error, try:

- Remove ~/.lazarus.
- Compile and run an old version of Lazarus.
- Compile and run a new version from a different directory at which it
is compiled. (For example, do "cd ~" and next


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