Now that was weird

Tony Maro TonyM at
Sat Sep 28 14:09:45 EDT 2002

Now that you mention it, it happened to me just after downloading the latest CVS.

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At 22:48 27-9-2002 -0500, Tony Maro wrote:

>I just opened Lazarus and my windows were all screwed up...
>The source editor was the size and place of the main app bar (top)
>The project main window was the size and position of the property editor
>The main app bar was the size and position of the source editor
>The property editor was the size and position of the messages window
>Or something like that anyway - they were all shuffled around and resized.

Yep I've seen this one time, after I hadn't started Lazarus for a long time 
a while ago. After resizing the windows I've never seen this again.
So I thought that something had changed in storing the location, which 
wasn't compatible with the configuration I had from long ago.


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