[lazarus] Still :I need help with databases.

Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Feb 20 00:38:33 EST 2003

Hi, I think it would be useful to post the output of the program, right know
I can't test the units you sent (tomorrow I will do it) but here is a link
with a demo (MySQL Querier) using the same concept.


Jesus Reyes.

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Subject: [lazarus] Still :I need help with databases.

> Hi all.
> I`m still having troubles with databases, i sow the database objects you
have send before in the list, but i don`t know how to compile then(well
therefore i asked for components like delphi , actualy i don`t like then i
prefer doing things like i do in c++ wich means using the mysql unit from
> So i wrote a small pascal prg accessing a mysql database , it worked
fine,so i copied it into a lazarus unit(the callback off a button) i tryed
to run this.The program display the correct result and then stop
> gdb does not work, so i got completely lost, can you help me?
> I`m  sending the two codes(the unit from lazarus and the pas prg).

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