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Sun May 18 19:10:06 EDT 2003

Hi Jesus,

I have tried using TDBGrid and it work quite well. But I noticed that I cannot
scroll backward when my table contains more than 10, (my table contains 56
rows). I have tried to track it down and it seems that the problem is somewhere
in TDataset or its parent(s). Can someone have a look  on this?



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hi, here is a patch for grids.pas. It allows autoedit (edit without
press F2), also here is a link for dbgrids, sorry I said that i will
do a component but I have been very busy, maybe the next time :)
http://mx.geocities.com/jesusrmx/lazarus/dbgrid_dist_2.tar.gz , I
will send to Michael a patch for fcl/db, but its included in the


Jesus Reyes A.

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