[lazarus] win32 binaries?

Marc Weustink marc.weustink at cuperus.nl
Tue Sep 23 11:40:08 EDT 2003

+ From: Alan Mead [mailto:cubrewer at yahoo.com]
+ Sent: dinsdag 23 september 2003 17:11
+ No one has responded to my question below yet so let me ask the
+ question in a different way:  I'd also like to write programs in a
+ Pascal variant and compile them for Linux and win32.  Today, I write
+ console apps and FPC works nicely but I'd like to also create win32
+ and Linux programs with a slick GUI.
+ Does Lazarus provide this capability or should I look elsewhere?

In theory yes. The win32 part is not as far developed as the unix part.

+ (I'm actually a little unclear whether Lazarus is just the IDE or is
+ a library...
+ do I need Lazarus to build the GUI or could I just do it
+ by hand?  I expect 90% of the code will be internal statistical stuff
+ with just a few dialogs.)

Both. Lazarus has an IDE and has the LCL (Lazarus Component Library)
The IDE is not required, but it makes things much easier in designing
forms etc.
If you want you may create your own form manually and create manually all
controls on it and attach all events to the components. No problem (this
was/is the way we made the first IDE forms)

+ If this is possible, how do I do it?  Using FPC, I install it on
+ Linux and Windows and just compile twice.  I cannot find win32
+ binaries to do this with Lazarus.

The win32 part of the LCL is not complete (otherwise there would be a
fully functional IDE for win32). You could start to develop on Linux and
crosscompile to win32 (or just compile it on win32)


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