[lazarus] Listbox patch

Micha Nelissen micha at neli.hopto.org
Fri Jan 2 16:41:54 EST 2004

Vincent Snijders wrote:

> Attached patch supports creating owner drawn listboxes in the win32
> interface. I replaced the LM_LB_GETINDEXAT message with a function
> GetListBoxItemAt.

Patch looks ok, however, my current cvs tree is messy as i am working on 
several uncommitted things too, so I can't apply right now, and your 
patch has changes in various directories. Maybe Marc (or Mattias of 
course but he seems to be offline)?

Note that I have seen your other memleak patch but I can't judge the 
code because I know nothing about that part of the codebase. I will 
apply it if nobody objects in a few days.



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