[Lazarus] ANN : Game Maker 7.x for MacOS X enters private beta...

dominique at savagesoftware.com.au dominique at savagesoftware.com.au
Sat Dec 6 23:01:06 CET 2008

GameMaker is essentially an IDE that allows you to create the logic for
your game.
You use it to tell the Runner ( essentially the game engine ) what to do
when objects collide, 
how they move, when to play sounds etc. The Runner is essentially a self
contained executable and takes the 
instructions created via the GameMaker IDE and executes them. 

There was already work being done to create a C++ version of the Runner,
which was already in beta. So they may be referring to that version.
What I hope they will see is that by using Lazarus/FreePascal, they now
have the ability to target any environments that FPC and Lazarus support
with little to no code changes. I'm confident that with a little tweaking
the Runner could even execute on Nintendo DS or GameBoy Advanced devices as
well because FreePascal already works on them.


On Sat, 6 Dec 2008 13:06:05 -0500, Mac Programmer <MacPgmr at fastermac.net>
> Very interesting to see Free Pascal and Lazarus used that way,
> meaning explicitly for generating fun and not just for databases and
> the like.
> Can you tell us a little bit about the architecture of GameMaker and
> Runner (if you're permitted to, that is)? It almost sounds as though
> you're generating code for and compiling each new game, or have I
> missed something?
> I saw a mention about selecting a language for the next version. I
> hope you (they?) consider staying with Free Pascal and Lazarus.
> Thanks.
> -Phil
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