[Lazarus] A new competitor to Lazarus and Free Pascal

Henrique Faria henrique_faria at msn.com
Thu Nov 27 12:22:22 CET 2008

I don't think RealBasic is a competitor to Lazarus for the following reasons:

1) They suffer with the same problem of huge executables, after downloading the trial, i build a simple form with a menu and a pushbutton and it creates an exe of 3200KB. With Lazarus 0.9.27 i create the same form, menu and button (after stripped) 1774KB.

2) The RB IDE use 200556KB of memory against 21256KB of Lazarus.

3) It costs $100 to $500.

4) If you don't need an IDE, but want to use Basic, you can use FreeBASIC for windows or linux, that is free.


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