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Em 01/03/2012, às 21:14, Juha Manninen escreveu:

> 2012/3/1 Everton Vieira <tonvieira at gmail.com>
> That`s true. To get the "softer landing" improving the doc (and i think the ways of it) would be enough. The project management is more about to lead the people to achieve common goals. I don`t know how you people from the core lives with so few contributors. The high goal of this thread is to improve that.
> Right... if you honestly wanted to improve the situation you could start contributing yourself.
> Until now we have seen only this abstract nonsense from you.

Ok. I shall make no more comments on that.

>> So, what does the management mean in practice?
> About management from the wikipedia: "Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals."
> Yes, I can read wikipedia. My question included the "in practice" part.

The "in practice" is the system itself. It will depend on the politics adopted. This is not abstract. I`m not in the position to say on that. Marco?

> DoDi and others!!!
> Please don't hijack this thread for whining about documentation and docking and whatnot! You can do that in another thread if you must.
> Besides, you are supposed to improve the documents, not whine all the time like a baby. I don't know what is wrong with you.
> I plan, hopefully during Friday, to collect some valid points about how this project should be visible to outsiders, in a constructive way.
> It really doesn't help things when this thread is filled with irrelevant whining, pushing the signal/noise ratio close to zero. Is it a collective whining period now or what?
> Juha
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