[Lazarus] Accents in IDE and my apps

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Sat Jul 13 16:59:54 CEST 2013

On 7/12/2013 22:26, Éderson Cássio wrote:
> Em 12-07-2013 22:31, waldo kitty escreveu:
>> On 7/12/2013 18:36, Éderson Cássio wrote:
>>> I wrote on this thread because I'd like to help to improve Lazarus code as I
>>> find problems with it.
>> i understand that but your addition has nothing to do with comment properties
>> in TObject or TComponent :/
>> the only reason i saw your portion was because i have not marked this thread
>> as "ignore" or "all caught up"... many others will not see your posts because
>> of this...
> I am new to this list, the only way I know to use it is sending a message to
> "lazarus at lists.lazarus.freepascal.org". How do I know what thread the message is
> going to, who is reading, who is not reading...?

the problem is that you hit the REPLY button on a post in this thread instead of 
hitting the NEW MESSAGE or WRITE MESSAGE button depending on your interface... 
REPLY is to reply to an existing thread and generally quotes the message you are 
replying to...

NEW or WRITE starts your own new thread... one can have many new threads as well 
as participating in many existing ones... just pay attention to the button you 
click to start your post...

i apologize that i did not make this clear in the beginning...

lastly, i should say welcome to the list! hopefully you will find it 
educational, enjoyable and possibly even entertaining ;)

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       Please keep mailing list traffic on the list unless
       private contact is specifically requested and granted.

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