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Thanks for replies.

Re: Windows theme support (David) - On my Windows I had turned off all 
the visuals to try and speed up my slow computer, so that's why it looks 
a bit Win 2000. When I turned them back on the blue background has gone, 
like this:


The TabControl has no colour property, so I assume it takes the colour 
property from the main form which was set to clDefault. I tried changing 
it to clWindow but the blue was still there.

I think from what Mark is saying that I need to go back to reading some 
more documentation about panels and alignment of UI elements in Lazarus, 
so that it will look the same whether compiled under Linux or Windows. 
To the question "have you positioned the components with explicit "Top" 
and "Left" properties, or twiddled with the BorderSpacing?", the answer 
is basically yes. I had even added some code to the onresize event of 
the main form to adjust width/left properties of the description and 
notes memo boxes at the bottom. There must be a better way than that so 
I shall go read.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. It's good to know that it's 
friendly here and I can come for help when needed. Oh, I deleted that 
wayward apostrophe too, thanks David!



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>David Taylor wrote:
>>On 16/11/2013 23:22, Martin wrote:
>>>I am a bit of a noobie to Lazarus and I have been designing an app 
>>>Lazarus running under Linux. It all seemed to be going well. Tonight 
>>>booted into Windows and decided to quickly compile the app to see 
>>>it looked like and there is a problem with a blue background that I
>>>don't get compiling under Linux.
>>>See these screenshots as an example:
>>>Running under Windows 7, Lazarus 1.0.12 fpc 2.6.2
>>>Running under Linux (LMDE), Lazarus 1.0.10 fpc 2.6.2 gtk
>>FWIW, I /prefer/ the blue background! It may be worth checking on 
>>Windows themes support (I'm new to Lazarus as well).
>..although it's clearly wrong, since it's abutting assymetrically 
>against the rule in the "Notice Type" box.
>Martin: if you're a nood then I definitely am, but what have you done 
>there: positioned the components with explicit "Top" and "Left" 
>properties, or twiddled with the BorderSpacing? I'd have normally used 
>panels behind with appropriate alignment, or possibly adjustable 
>Is the blue one of the predefined Windows thematic colours, e.g. 
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