[Lazarus] Pochecker (was Fuzzy traslations ignored)

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Sun Sep 21 12:04:20 CEST 2014

Il 21/09/2014 00:27, Bart ha scritto:
> You mean, you scroll, then put the mouse over an icon and wait for the
> hitn, and the hint is the wrong one?

Yes. That's the problem. e.g. you put the mouse on the first visible 
Icon, and you get the hint of the first Icon of the original window 
(before scrolling)
> It would mean that this part:
>    pt:= listview.ScreenToClient( mouse.cursorpos );
>    item := listview.GetItemAt( pt.x, pt.y );
> does not function properly unde GTK2
Yes. Should we open a bugtracker issue?
>> With Qt no change: Icons are too small,
> I tested QT-Linux, and IIRC the icons were the same size as on GTK2
>> all items in one row,
> Yes, that sucks.
> Do you know if QT interface has a native ListView, or how is the drawin done?
I know that Qt in itself provides a Qt_Listview, which should emulate 
Windows listview, but I don't know to what extent it's currently exploited.
>> But, Qt is somehow optional (even if IMHO Qt widgetset is
>> better and more complete than Gtk2) and we may live with it, if you
>> manage to make it work with Gtk2.
> Many seem to prefer QT on Linux over GTK2 (visually more attractive?).

I'm among them. Not only more attractive, but also significantly less buggy.

Currently I'm trying to put some order in canvas drawing, because it 
would appear that each function and each widgetset has its own ideas of 
what the painting rectangle should be :-( , creating a mess if you want 
to have an ellipse inscribed in a rectangle, a pie slice into an 
ellipse, etc. and, in the process I'm trying to see if we may get a 
decent antialiasing for shapes and not only for fonts.

As soon as I'll have some time I'll give a look to the ListView 
implementation in Gtk2 and Qt, if nobody else is willing to do it.

In the meantime, did you give a look to my implementation of the graph 
It doesn't exploit ListView, but it provides the same final result. It 
only lacks a better arrangement of Icons, but it's a rather trivial 
matter (after creating all of them, find the maximum width, then use 
this value to arrange them neatly). It might be a way to get more 
quickly a result, unless you want to take this occasion to try and fix 


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