[Lazarus] Option to allow fuzzy translations (Re: Fuzzy translations ignored)

Maxim Ganetsky ganmax at narod.ru
Sun Sep 28 21:19:22 CEST 2014

27.09.2014 22:19, Péter Gábor пишет:
> I am working on the translations of Lazarus IDE and components.
> Sometimes I need to see also fuzzy translations to check the followings:
> - do they appear in the correct context
> - do they fit in the space
> - are the words used consistently
> - etc.
> I think that an option to allow displaying fuzzy translations would be
> welcome for translators. This checkbox would be in good place below the
> list of languages in Environment/Desktop/Language. And if it is enabled
> a message box may warn the user that it's risky (program crash/bad
> translations/etc.). This message would appear on the IDE startup or this
> one option not to be saved to avoid unwanted effects in the future.

I don't think that it is a good idea to bloat IDE with options which are 
needed only by some (not all) translators and are rather dangerous 
(because they lead to "crashes"). Personnaly I don't need it, for example.

If you need a way to distinguish these uncertain translations from 
others you can leave comment in the entry instead of relying on fuzzy flag.

Best regards,
  Maxim Ganetsky                  mailto:ganmax at narod.ru

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