[Lazarus] New high DPI features in 1.7

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Fri Dec 9 16:05:02 CET 2016

On 2016-12-09 12:15, Erwin van den Bosch via Lazarus wrote:
> That might be the solution! (but you loose some contrast)

Only on exact vertical and horizontal lines - if the mid point of the
pixel fall of the center point of a screen pixel. On curved or diagonal
lines there is no contrast loss, because of anti-aliasing already. If
the developers knows he is drawing exact vertical or horizontal lines
(eg: the background grid in a graph), the AggPas API has an extra
boolean parameter that will grid-fit the line (loosing accuracy, but
keeps line sharpness).

I personally prefer accuracy, so don't mind that - the same reason I
don't enable font hinting (forcing text to fit a grid) in my desktop
environment. I prefer the true shapes of character glyphs - like the
font designer intended.

> Another problem with scaling is the thickness of lines. Example: you

If you apply scaling, obviously your software needs to apply it to
everything. Line thickness, font sizes, image sizes, widget sizes, form
sizes etc. I have no idea if the new high DPI feature in Lazarus 1.7
goes into all that detail. It would be interesting to know.


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